a non-profit dedicated to the liberation,
strengthening, and empowerment
of women the world over

Maman Shujaa

Formed and led by visionary Peacemaker Neema Namadamu, the Maman Shujaa membership grew from 10 to 200 in just a short time. Together they crafted and circulated a petition demanding the appointment of a U.S. Presidential Peace Envoy and a seat for Congolese women at the negotiating table. Their petition garnered over 100,000 signatures, and got them an audience with President Obama’s National Security Council. Shortly thereafter, Senator Russ Feingold was appointed as U.S. Special Envoy to DRC and the Great Lakes Region.

SAFECO took the Maman Shujaa from a rented room in an internet café, to their own Center in Bukavu, DRC, supporting an average of 200 women and girls per week with digital literacy instruction and small business model training. The Maman Shujaa Center (MSC) is the center of hope, opportunity, and realization for women. The MSC provides membership for women and girls to an online global forum, which facilitates collaboration with their sisters around the world, giving voice to their stories, ideas, and solutions.

Maman Shujaa Media Center

The Maman Shujaa Center is the nucleus and gathering place from which women’s’ ideas, passions, and talents converge, propagate, and emerge. They have birthed a multitude of initiatives, which despite their diversity share the common aspiration of peace and prosperity by giving rise to their women.

The vision for the Maman Shujaa Center is to empower women and girls through technology, pave the road for livelihood development, and to usher women into their natural leadership roles.

Maman Media Center Needs:

•    Monthly cost for 1MB Internet Connection is $1500
•    Laptops
•    English teachers
•    English language materials

Your donation today could help this way:

$1500 pays for one month of 1MB internet connection
(Yes, you read it correctly. This is the cost for 1MB!)
$500 pays the cost to purchase and ship one laptop
$300 pays rent in the Center for one month
$250 pays all utilities for one month

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